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From Bora Bora to Las Vegas, Mindchop counts down Top 10 Vacations In The World.

mardi gras beadsThere are many costumes and parades to see. You can not avoid Bourbon Street if you go to New Orleans. The night life is wild and you just might spark some romance.

Historic Bourbon Street runs the length of the French Quarter and have many bars, restaurants with good food and other popular attractions to see. There are many unique gift shops to finalize your trip. Have you made your travel plans yet? Be sure to make plans early, because all the hotels rooms usually will sell out early.

traveling solo- Person sitting on a rock overlooking a lakeYou don’t have to compromise because you are afraid to travel solo. I am not saying never take a friend, but when your opportunity comes to travel solo, go for it. If you are single, you just might decide to look for a friend online in the areas before you get there.

Your biggest task is to always use extra caution when traveling alone and meeting strangers. Always follow safety tips to reduce the chances of a spoiled trip.

cruise shipYou pick a ship, an itinerary, pay and go. But as cruise lines offer an increasingly long list of amenities and choices, some at an extra charge. They usually target specific audiences and you need to do some homework to get a cruise that meets your needs and offers the best value for the money.

man on trainNo matter where you go, no matter how far you go, think about how you can make your travel and vacation experience just a little more rewarding. Planning a vacation can be a demanding process. Most people have chaotic schedules.Taking care of work and family obligations can leave you with less free time to plan a vacation.

teddy bear inside a suitcaseFinding cheap travel deals and vacation packages with some nice amenities is often important for budget travel. Travel on romantic getaways or on relaxing vacations and find great travel deals when you plan ahead. Find as much information on travel tips as possible to save money and time.

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