cruise shipYou pick a ship, an itinerary, pay and go. But as cruise lines offer an increasingly long list of amenities and choices, some at an extra charge. They usually target specific audiences and you need to do some homework to get a cruise that meets your needs and offers the best value for the money.


If you are not familiar with what to do before you buy your tickets, seek a travel agent for help. They will give you many details of what is needed before boarding the ship, tell you about some of the special attractions, and compare prices. Don t set out on your next cruise vacation without doing your destination homework.

A few things needed before getting on the ship.

You will need to get a passport. For the nearest location and information about getting a passport, go to

Carrying the correct clothing, shoes and accessories are important. When you pack for your cruise, you must be prepared for every occasion. Carry comfortable walking shoes and dressy shoes for the evening. When you pack your clothes, choose wisely because not only do you have to carry your suitcases, you will have to bring it back with all of the additional unique gifts. It is important for you to place a card with your name and address inside your luggage, as well as on the outside to reduce your chances of having a lost bag.

If you never been on a cruise before, a special night will be planned for you to impress the captain. When you enter the dining room, a photographer will take your picture along side the captain. On this evening, it is a formal affair. Anything goes from a suit to a cocktail dress or an evening gown.

While aboard the ship, wash your hands frequently and always before eating. Use the antibacterial liquids in machines around the ship or buy your own. This will help protect you from picking up unwanted bacteria.

The cruise ship has a store on board where you can purchase needed items. These items are charged to your charge card. In most cases, the store will only charge your purchases.
The big-ticket item for many vacationers is their beverage bill: cocktails and wine with dinner, of course, and also soft drinks and bottled water. Shore excursions, digital arcades, Internet use, spa treatments and some exercise classes can carry extra fees.
On the last evening of your cruise, you will get a bill for onboard expenses charged to your credit card.

After you get on the ship, don't worry too much about anything you might have forgotten to bring on your cruise. Vacations are about relaxing and this should start when you pack. Wherever your cruise may take you, there will be stores and shops for you get some additional items you don’t have.

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